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Brisbane beach.jpg

Sharon & Pamela – Elephant Rock, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

The UGA GreenWay blog was developed by Dr. Pamela Turner and Sharon Gibson, with assistance and input from Tara Dunn. Tara helped set up the blog and assisted in editing and posting the blogs while we were traveling for work in Australia.

Pamela is an Associate Professor and the Housing and Environment Extension Specialist at the University of Georgia (UGA) in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences Department of Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics (FHCE). In 2014 Sharon retired from her position as the UGA Extension Multicultural Specialist to work on independent projects focused on community sustainability through communal action for positive change.

I am now the primary blogger. My goal to provide trustworthy resources to help people live healthier and greener.  Join me on my journey to learn more about living greener abroad, throughout the U.S. and in my own community of Athens. My hope is that through this blog you will discover useful information that will give you ideas and encouragement about ways you can reduce waste, use less energy, conserve water, create a healthier home, and live greener. For more inspiration on how you can live the green way, visit UGA Extension – FACS.


Pamela enjoying the natural beauty of Yellowstone National Park. On the road to Cooke City, MT (the NE entrance to the park). The yellow in the background are the deciduous trees showing their fall color.


The postings on this site reflect my views and interest in making a difference   They do not represent positions, strategies or opinions of the University of Georgia.

2 comments on “About UGA GreenWay

  1. The Green Scholar
    May 30, 2013

    Dr. Turner, thanks for finding me and following my blog. I am very interested in your research and just read the conference proceedings on your weatherization study.

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