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The Tiny House in Australia

The tiny house movement continues to expand in Australia as more people are exploring smaller house options. The interest comes from a variety of factors, including a lack of decent … Continue reading

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Are You Thankful for Radon?

Thanksgiving is a holiday where everyone gets to sit by the dinner table and spend the night eating with friends and family. It makes you appreciate what you have and … Continue reading

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Take Time to Appreciate Nature

What an interesting world we live in. On the bus today the man across the aisle from me spent the one hour ride to the Australia Zoo looking down at … Continue reading

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Australia: Healthy Housing 2016

Healthy housing is an issue of concern around the globe. The Healthy Housing 2016 conference in Brisbane provides an opportunity to share research on the indoor environment and sustainable design. … Continue reading

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Australia: Great Barrier Reef, Cays and Birds

The Great Barrier Reef is truly amazing, even on a cloudy day. According to the guides, viewing was not at its best due to a number of natural occurrences –¬†overcast … Continue reading

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Australia Bound

In a few days I am flying back to where this blog had it’s beginning in 2012 – Australia! ¬†Over the past years we have grown and changed. My fellow … Continue reading

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Radon: The Real Scare in Halloween!

With Halloween coming around the corner there are plenty of scares around every turn. People all around the neighborhood are decorating their homes to look frightening and spooky to prepare … Continue reading

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