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Greener Valentine’s Gifts

Saturday is Valentine’s day. Have you come up with a great gift idea?  It is a good time to remind those you love to live greener by giving them a greener gift.  Below are some are eleven gift ideas for your greener Valentine’s day.


Repurpose an old candy box. Fill it with seeds for the gardener in your life.

Include some information from your Cooperative Extension office about starting plants from seeds.  If there are no gardeners in your life, consider filling the candy box with stamps, coins, special stones, shells, or buttons.  It could be a box of memories, or a box of collectibles.


Pots of herbs.

Instead of cut flowers, give a living plant that can be enjoyed for a much longer time. Include a set of small garden tools and recipes using the herbs.

Bird House made from found objects.

Birdhouse made from found objects.

A birdhouse is a good gift for children. Include a pair of binoculars so you can watch the baby birds when they hatch out.

Book of coupons

Create a book of coupons

Be creative and use postcards that you bought, but never sent, or tear the fronts off of greeting cards you received. Use your best handwriting and tie the coupons together with a piece of ribbon or string.


Give a book of love poems.

Wander through used book stores to find a gently used book of love poems or sonnets.

Plant a tree together

Plant a tree together.

Planting a tree is a wonderfully way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family or couple.

Buy a vintage piece of jewelry.

Give an old or vintage piece of jewelry.

Go shopping at thrift stores, antique stores, consignment shops, or other places you might find interesting pieces of jewelry.

Reach out to others. Visit a nursing home and take your dog with you.

Share your love with others.

Visit a nursing home or retirement center. If allowed, take your dog with you. Research shows that pets are beneficial to the health of the residents.

Adopt a pet

Adopt and share your love with a pet.

Some researchers have found that animals can reduce tension and improve your mood.  If you have allergies, a pet may not be a good idea.

Express your feelings with sidewalk chalk.

Express your feelings with sidewalk chalk.

You can create a beautiful work of art, or just a few meaningful words. Sidewalk chalk is relatively safe; however, a few years ago some brands made overseas were found to contain lead. Buy from a reputable source or make your own sidewalk chalk.


Learn to say “I love you” in a different language.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

NOTE:  After Valentine’s Day you can recycle your cards by sending them to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children.


About Pamela Turner

I am an Associate Professor and Extension Housing & Environment Specialist at the University of Georgia. I have a passion for helping people improve their home environment and live greener and healthier lives. An important part of that is helping people weed through all of the information to find trustworthy sources.

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