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Springtime in Georgia is magical. The wisteria winds through the trees along the roads and in wooded areas. It looks like a ribbon of purple intertwined among the trees. The sweet heady scent floats through the air. A thing of beauty to all but those with allergies and those who know how that wisteria is capable of killing trees and other plant species when uncontrolled.

Wisteria was introduced to the U.S. from Asia in the early 1800’s.  Over time, wisteria will climb and twine around other plants, eventually shading and girdling native plants, eventually killing them.  There are many invasive plants in the U.S. that you should avoid planting.  For a list of plants to grow in your area contact your local Cooperative Extension office.

wisteria wikimedia





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I am an Associate Professor and Extension Housing & Environment Specialist at the University of Georgia. I have a passion for helping people improve their home environment and live greener and healthier lives. An important part of that is helping people weed through all of the information to find trustworthy sources.

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