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Control insects with Guinea Fowl

Have the grasshoppers, beetles, ticks and other insects taken over your yard and garden?  Get rid of them using a natural way – get Guineas!  Back home on the ranch there are several Guineas that wander freely around the house and farm buildings and there are few, if any, grasshoppers.  To keep the Guineas from becoming dinner for the coyotes, they have been trained to return to a fenced-in pen at nighttime.  In addition to insect control, they are good “watch dogs.”  Guineas are loud and will sound an alarm when anything unusual happens.


It is already getting cooler outside, so you may not have to deal with insects much longer, but remember they will be back next year.  It is a good time to start considering Guineas for insect control next year.   Before you go out and buy Guineas, you need to ask yourself:

  1. Is my property zoned for keeping poultry?
  2. Do I have a place to keep them?
  3. Will I turn my neighbors into enemies if I get a couple of Guineas and they start grazing on my property and wander over to my neighbor’s yard?
  4. How will my neighbors feel about the noise?

Investigate and learn more about Guineas from Cooperative Extension at The University of Maine or eXtenson.  If Guineas aren’t for you, try natural products for insect and pest management, like the ones on this publication from the University of Florida Cooperative Extension or Plant Care Today.



About Pamela Turner

I am an Associate Professor and Extension Housing & Environment Specialist at the University of Georgia. I have a passion for helping people improve their home environment and live greener and healthier lives. An important part of that is helping people weed through all of the information to find trustworthy sources.

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