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The Confused Curlew

Pamela shares a story with us today from a young woman she met in Port Douglas, Queensland:

[She] “shared tales about the Curlew, a bird with a call that sound like a woman screaming. In the [country’s] early years…explorers thought someone was in danger. [She] relayed a story about a Curlew bird at the wildlife habitat that walked close behind her, but then saw her boyfriend and started to follow him. They were going in opposite directions [, she and her boyfriend,] and the little bird became quite confused. Whom should it follow?

We act similarly when new information comes out about how to live greener or more sustainably- We don’t know who to follow or believe. We need to stop and look more closely to see if what we think we see is accurate, or just a lot of greenwashing. There is no consistent, agreed upon or understandable definition of green or sustainable-  No wonder the market is so confusing for people! Perhaps the next step is to take some of the confusion out of green.”

How do we do this? When you try to explain to someone what it means to YOU to be green, what do you say?


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